Welcome to the world's one and only George Darlan fansite!

For those of you who haven't met George Darlan yet, he's an alien inventor from the Namanc species, who appears in Timothy Johnston's webcomic Brothers in Shells, and in the cross-continuity comic Fort Paradox. Darlan is prone to coming up with elaborate schemes and devices to improve environments, workflows, and Namanc life in general, and he always believes his actions to be in the best interests of those around him... but those around him usually disagree, as the schemes and devices have a bad habit of backfiring.  The unintended consequences of Darlan's attempted benevolence have included rabid cabbages, and a massive rip in space-time.

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The purpose of this site is to host one or two little fan comics about Darlan which I'm planning to write. The latest addition is the short animation Smells Interesting, finished in December 2011.

- Matt Colclough